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Why the Ukulele Should Be Your Best Friend During Finals Week

The dreaded, most horrific week of the year is here: Finals Week. With the haste to complete last minute work, study for multiple exams, and still try to function normally, the amount of stress that you experience can almost be too much to handle.

According to WebMD (good for research and not self diagnosis), stress begins its journey in our brain and travels throughout every cell in our body switching on a stress response for each one. If you stress yourself out too much, those cellular switches can remain on and lead to those tired, angry, and sad feelings commonly associated with stress. Worse, it may make you physically sick.

Luckily, research shows that playing any musical instrument can help switch off those stress responses and improve your health overall. You don’t have to be a pro at it either. In fact, “the more you seriously approach musicianship, the less relaxing it may be” according to WebMD. With the ease and serenity of the ukulele, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finals Week is tough and at some point, you may wonder why you put yourself through all of this stress to begin with. Just remember that nothing good in life comes easy. All this hard work will lead to something great. You just need to push through!

To all students, good luck with exams! You got this!

To all teachers, good luck with grading! Be gentle.

Until next time, keep calm and uke on!