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RIT Ukulele Club News

Happy Summer!

Our Spring semester has gone and left and taken some of our favorite ukers with it. Thank you so much to everyone that put in the time and effort to make this club fun and great! I can’t believe the Uke Gotta Be Kidding Me concert was such a huge success, and Past Present Uker really challenged us all to strive for the best. And seeing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and attending Relay for Life was amazing in a big group of friends. 100 Degreez Zelzius and Ukulele Bonanza brought us all together to just have some not-necessarily-uke-related fun! And how could we forget the Open Ukulele Workshop and Uke Be Jammin’ Open Mic with our wonderful friends, the RIT Jammies?

We’ve had such a wonderful year, and we’re looking forward to the future! Next semester our meetings will be on Mondays at 7pm in the Reading Room. We hope to see your big bright smiles again then!

Onwards and Upwards!

Thank you to all who attended the Ukulele Bonanza of 2016 last Friday! We have so many wonderful and creative members in our club and we loved having the chance to celebrate all of you. For those of you who had videos recorded, we hope to have those edited and sent out to you soon. Thank you for your dedication and patience!

Thank you also to everyone that came out for Relay for Life on Saturday! As a club, we raised over six hundred dollars to donate to Colleges Against Cancer, which is pretty darn cool. We were also part of a very sweet marriage proposal, and I’ll never listen to Can’t Help Falling in Love the same way again. The night was full of fun and festivities, and I’m glad to have spent it with RIT’s best Ukulele Club. For those of you who attended both the Bonanza and the Relay, hope you followed them up with some long, restful nights.

Woah, wake up! We’ve got more stuff headed your way!


Stu Fuchs is gonna be here April 29th to (most likely) teach us some sweet fingerpicking techniques. Feel free to tell us about anything else you’d like for him to teach you, since he is a level 79 Uku-didgeri-lele Master Wizard. He’s also a pretty chill guy, so even if you’re not super confident in your ukulele skillz, come over and hang out with him anyway! You can get hyped by watching some of Stu’s video lessons at his YouTube channel, Ukulele Zen.

Following Stu, we’ve got a little ukulele performance on Saturday, April 30th for SpringFest! We’ll be part of the outdoor music show for a short and sweet 15 minute block. Hope to see you all there!

Update: We will no longer be sending ukulele robots to the planet of Xfarno

Hope you guys all enjoyed your spring breaks! Unfortunately we’ve returned with some sad news: we will no longer be sending ukulele robots to Xfarno. Yes, I know it’s very sad. The sentient life on Xfarno, however, have been blowing up our club Tinder with requests to power down our robots. Apparently some Xfarnians can’t appreciate what real music is supposed to sound like. As a reminder to club members, if you take a selfie of yourself throwing your free Xfarnian Jazz (?) CD into the Genesee we will send you a free t-shirt and $25 Barnes and Noble giftcard as a gesture of our thanks.

Thank you for all your hard work, everyone. And thanks I guess to those dumb aliens we wasted billions of dollars trying to please. Happy April Fools Day!

Spring Break Ukulele Madness

Hey ukegroup! Happy Pi Day! Can you believe spring break is only a week away? I think my professors missed the memo, since I have more work than ever… But gosh darn if I’m not excited for Thursday’s Open Mic!


Tomorrow we’ll be having our Spring Break Wooo meeting hosted by the lovely Alexis Montoya! Come on down and learn some songs to get you into the three-days-before-vacation spirit! Later, on Wednesday night, join our Performance Practice and we can jam out to some new jUKEbox arrangements together.

If you’re itching to get your hands on some fun spring break tunes– check out some fun songbook songs like Young Volcanoes or On Top Of The World!

Two Months Until jUKEbox!

Hey ukeboots! Hope you all had a happy weekend, and hope you have a happy today as well!

100 Degreez Zelzius was on fire! Hot chocolate was served, Pictionary was played, Poker was all caramel, and a Puzzle had us stumped. Lots of P, we’ve realized. Should have bought more toilet paper!


Next event on the horizon is our Open Mic with Jammies! Stop by the Fireside Lounge around 7pm on March 17th to donate your talents and your loose change. There will be prizes, music, and some good laughs I’m sure. Also, don’t forget to fill out this When2Meet to figure out the best times for us to practice for our upcoming spring concert!

jUKEbox 2: Attack of the Cajons is only a couple months away! Get hyped, folks!

Happy Leap Day!


What’s up, ukepups? Happy Leap Day! We have a ton of special news to deliver on this special day. First, don’t forget about the 100 Degreez Zelzius Jam Sesh this Saturday, March 5th! (Credit to our wonderful PR Director, Alexis Montoya, for her Photoshop skills.) In this upcoming week, drop by on Tuesday for our Middle School Throwback General Meeting hosted by our Secretary, Annie Monaco!

Watch out for St. Patricks Day (March 17th), when we’ll be co-hosting an Open Mic night starting at 7pm in the Fireside Lounge!  Our co-host is a good friend of ours, the [Unofficial] RIT Jammies. They’re a chill music group that’s just starting up as a club, and they make some great toast spreads! (Disclaimer: RIT Jammies meetings do not involve making jam.) ((Yet.))

And while our amazing Performance Committee works on songs for our annual Spring concert, jUKEbox!, our lovely Public Relations Committee has also been at work creating a new Tumblr and designing lovely graphics like the one posted above!

Thank you all for being wonderful. Happy Leap Monday! Uke on!

It’s happening!

Hey ukefriends! We finally have our songbook up and running! No longer will the precious members of RIT Ukulele Club have to scrounge for the most recent version of Can’t Help Falling in Love or Build Me Up Buttercup, now everyone and anyone can access an entire uke club song history with the click of a button! We thank you all for your patience during these troubling, sheet music-less times.

In other news, we are hosting a social event on March 5th called the 100 Degreez Zelziuz Jam Sesh. Starting at 4pm at the president’s apartment we’ll be drinking gallons of boiling hot chocolate and playing tons of hot jams!

And don’t forget about our new Instagram series, #MeetUke! Tag photos of your ukulele chillin on the couch or playing video games or volunteering at the local animal shelter so we can get to know them on a personal level past the sound of their sweet chords. You can also submit them to us at!

That’s all for now, folks. Have a great night and uke on!

How to Win this Valentine’s Day with a Ukulele

Forget the traditional flowers and chocolate! A sweet song accompanied by your ukulele is all it take to win this Valentine’s Day. It’s as easy as choosing your favorite love song, finding it’s tutorial online (thanks internet), and performing it live for your loved one. Don’t know which song to choose from? We got you covered. Here’s a list of songs full of love that we love to play followed by their tutorial from The Ukulele Teacher.

Tonight You Belong To Me -Steve Martin “The Jerk”


Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran


Dream A Little Dream Of Me -The Mamas and The Papas


L-O-V-E -Nat King Cole


You and I -Ingrid Michaelson


Follow The Ukulele Teacher on YouTube for incredible tutorials of your favorite songs and more.

We hope we’ve inspired you all to pick up your uke today. What songs do you think belong on this list? Have a Ukulele-Valentine’s story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below!

A very Happy Valentine’s Days to you all! Until next time, keep calm and uke on!

Why the Ukulele Should Be Your Best Friend During Finals Week

The dreaded, most horrific week of the year is here: Finals Week. With the haste to complete last minute work, study for multiple exams, and still try to function normally, the amount of stress that you experience can almost be too much to handle.

According to WebMD (good for research and not self diagnosis), stress begins its journey in our brain and travels throughout every cell in our body switching on a stress response for each one. If you stress yourself out too much, those cellular switches can remain on and lead to those tired, angry, and sad feelings commonly associated with stress. Worse, it may make you physically sick.

Luckily, research shows that playing any musical instrument can help switch off those stress responses and improve your health overall. You don’t have to be a pro at it either. In fact, “the more you seriously approach musicianship, the less relaxing it may be” according to WebMD. With the ease and serenity of the ukulele, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finals Week is tough and at some point, you may wonder why you put yourself through all of this stress to begin with. Just remember that nothing good in life comes easy. All this hard work will lead to something great. You just need to push through!

To all students, good luck with exams! You got this!

To all teachers, good luck with grading! Be gentle.

Until next time, keep calm and uke on!