Happy Summer!

Our Spring semester has gone and left and taken some of our favorite ukers with it. Thank you so much to everyone that put in the time and effort to make this club fun and great! I can’t believe the Uke Gotta Be Kidding Me concert was such a huge success, and Past Present Uker really challenged us all to strive for the best. And seeing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and attending Relay for Life was amazing in a big group of friends. 100 Degreez Zelzius and Ukulele Bonanza brought us all together to just have some not-necessarily-uke-related fun! And how could we forget the Open Ukulele Workshop and Uke Be Jammin’ Open Mic with our wonderful friends, the RIT Jammies?

We’ve had such a wonderful year, and we’re looking forward to the future! Next semester our meetings will be on Mondays at 7pm in the Reading Room. We hope to see your big bright smiles again then!

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