Onwards and Upwards!

Thank you to all who attended the Ukulele Bonanza of 2016 last Friday! We have so many wonderful and creative members in our club and we loved having the chance to celebrate all of you. For those of you who had videos recorded, we hope to have those edited and sent out to you soon. Thank you for your dedication and patience!

Thank you also to everyone that came out for Relay for Life on Saturday! As a club, we raised over six hundred dollars to donate to Colleges Against Cancer, which is pretty darn cool. We were also part of a very sweet marriage proposal, and I’ll never listen to Can’t Help Falling in Love the same way again. The night was full of fun and festivities, and I’m glad to have spent it with RIT’s best Ukulele Club. For those of you who attended both the Bonanza and the Relay, hope you followed them up with some long, restful nights.

Woah, wake up! We’ve got more stuff headed your way!


Stu Fuchs is gonna be here April 29th to (most likely) teach us some sweet fingerpicking techniques. Feel free to tell us about anything else you’d like for him to teach you, since he is a level 79 Uku-didgeri-lele Master Wizard. He’s also a pretty chill guy, so even if you’re not super confident in your ukulele skillz, come over and hang out with him anyway! You can get hyped by watching some of Stu’s video lessons at his YouTube channel, Ukulele Zen.

Following Stu, we’ve got a little ukulele performance on Saturday, April 30th for SpringFest! We’ll be part of the outdoor music show for a short and sweet 15 minute block. Hope to see you all there!

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