Update: We will no longer be sending ukulele robots to the planet of Xfarno

Hope you guys all enjoyed your spring breaks! Unfortunately we’ve returned with some sad news: we will no longer be sending ukulele robots to Xfarno. Yes, I know it’s very sad. The sentient life on Xfarno, however, have been blowing up our club Tinder with requests to power down our robots. Apparently some Xfarnians can’t appreciate what real music is supposed to sound like. As a reminder to club members, if you take a selfie of yourself throwing your free Xfarnian Jazz (?) CD into the Genesee we will send you a free t-shirt and $25 Barnes and Noble giftcard as a gesture of our thanks.

Thank you for all your hard work, everyone. And thanks I guess to those dumb aliens we wasted billions of dollars trying to please. Happy April Fools Day!

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