Two Months Until jUKEbox!

Hey ukeboots! Hope you all had a happy weekend, and hope you have a happy today as well!

100 Degreez Zelzius was on fire! Hot chocolate was served, Pictionary was played, Poker was all caramel, and a Puzzle had us stumped. Lots of P, we’ve realized. Should have bought more toilet paper!


Next event on the horizon is our Open Mic with Jammies! Stop by the Fireside Lounge around 7pm on March 17th to donate your talents and your loose change. There will be prizes, music, and some good laughs I’m sure. Also, don’t forget to fill out this When2Meet to figure out the best times for us to practice for our upcoming spring concert!

jUKEbox 2: Attack of the Cajons is only a couple months away! Get hyped, folks!

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