It’s happening!

Hey ukefriends! We finally have our songbook up and running! No longer will the precious members of RIT Ukulele Club have to scrounge for the most recent version of Can’t Help Falling in Love or Build Me Up Buttercup, now everyone and anyone can access an entire uke club song history with the click of a button! We thank you all for your patience during these troubling, sheet music-less times.

In other news, we are hosting a social event on March 5th called the 100 Degreez Zelziuz Jam Sesh. Starting at 4pm at the president’s apartment we’ll be drinking gallons of boiling hot chocolate and playing tons of hot jams!

And don’t forget about our new Instagram series, #MeetUke! Tag photos of your ukulele chillin on the couch or playing video games or volunteering at the local animal shelter so we can get to know them on a personal level past the sound of their sweet chords. You can also submit them to us at!

That’s all for now, folks. Have a great night and uke on!

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